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Recovery High
A Cooperative Substance Abuse Intervention Program of BASES,
Charlevoix Probate Court & Charlevoix Alternative Education


If you have a referral and would like additional information, contact:

John McLean  email link  phone: 231-547-8191 / cell:231-675-3803
Program Coordinator & Round Lake High School Principal


Diane Dennis  email link  phone: 231-547-8191 / fax: 231-547-1323
Executive Assistant

Scott Kelly email link  phone: 231-547-1144
BASES Executive Director

Recovery High offices have moved to Charlevoix with the Round Lake High School. Mailing address is now 108 East Garfield, Charlevoix, MI 49720. Phone #: 231-547-8191. Fax #: 231-547-1323. Entrance to Recovery High is at the back of the school by the football field.


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The Recovery High Program is a collaborative effort between BASES, Charlevoix Probate Court and Charlevoix Alternative Education. Recovery HIgh was started in 1999 with our original school as part of the Boyne City school system, then was moved to Charlevoix in the fall of 2013 and is now part of the Charlevoix Public Schools system. The program provides extensive substance abuse education, intervention and treatment services to young people and their families. For teens that need the most intensive level of services, they live in a court-licensed, specially trained foster home, attend a drug free alternative school with significant court presence and participate in intensive substance abuse services offered through BASES. Since 1999, Recovery High has had over 707 participants in the most intensive part of the program (Phase One) that have come from 48 different counties in Michigan (as of 9/7/14). The program is unique in its ability to have less intensive teens participate in various components of the program as well. If a teen has a supportive living environment and is doing well in their own school, they can attend some or all of classes or groups at BASES that match their specific needs. The level of need is determined by an assessment with BASES staff. Drug testing and involvement of family in the weekly Parent Group are also important components of the program.

If you are a teen that has been a participant in any phase of the Recovery High program or you know of a teen who was a participant, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please go to the "Recovery High Follow-Up Evaluation Form" link to the left and complete the secure form and submit it to Program Staff.

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Probate Court in Charlevoix County coordinates all Recovery High referrals that need foster care. They license and supervise several specially trained foster homes that are able to understand the needs of chemically dependent adolescents. The court liaison participates in weekly treatment team meetings involving the foster parent, BASES staff, school staff and referral sources to track the progress of each individual.

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Charlevoix Schools provides staff for the Round Lake High School (RLHS) alternative school located in Charlevoix. RLHS provides assurance that the teens are in a safe and drug free environment. The students receive individualized instruction and are able to accomplish their educational tasks outside the traditional classroom setting while earning high school credits from Charlevoix Public Schools.

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BASES Involvement

The Discovery / Recovery Groups are a service provided for ages 14 and up. These substance abuse & relapse prevention education groups are held Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Teen Center in Charlevoix. An assessment is required prior to attendance to help determine the most appropriate level of participation in these groups.

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Another early intervention service provided by BASES involves the Recovery Skills Groups that meet after school Monday thru Thursday. These groups are typically reserved for the teens who show symptoms of chemical dependency. During these groups, the young people take a very detailed and personal look at their relationships with alcohol and drugs and how their use of chemicals has negatively impacted their lives. The groups also spend a great deal of time working through emotional and cognitive issues related to adolescent chemical dependency by offering a safe and confidential environment for the young person to develop skills necessary to remain drug free. Relapse prevention and education about successful recovery from chemical dependency are also key components of these groups.

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This educational program focuses on skill building for the purpose of reducing a young person's risk factors for substance abuse problems. The groups meet on Monday and Wednesday's and covers topics such as communication, anger management, money management, budgets, employability, problem-solving, conflict resolution, stress management and relaxation skills. This is an ideal opportunity for early intervention and education with the teenager who shows some warning signs of problematic behavior.

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During these meetings, young people are introduced to the 12-step approach to recovery and are provided an opportunity to learn how to effectively utilize a traditional support group within their home community. Phase One teens that are diagnosed as chemically dependent are required to attend 12-step meetings during weekend home visits to begin to develop a healthy support system for recovery. Teens are taught how to maintain healthy boundaries and establish limits so they are able to make use of widely available and cost-effective resources like 12 step programs.

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Drug testing is another service offered as part of the Recovery High program. Drug testing helps to verify that the young person is actually remaining drug free. There is a $15 charge for each drug test that is billed to the family on a monthly basis. If a young person is unable to remain drug free with minimal services and outside intervention, positive drug tests provide the teen and parents with concrete evidence that they need additional help. Our drug testing is available for community members doing tests voluntarily or court ordered. We also have instant tests available and at-home test available for $15. Drug testing is included in the Phase One per diem charge.

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Crisis intervention services are available on a 24-hour basis by leaving a voice message on the BASES answering machine. This 24-hour accessibility is normally utilized by parents in the midst of a family crisis or by teens in need of a supportive voice.

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These groups meet each Sunday at the Teen Center. The group provides education, awareness and support for parents trying to cope with their teenager's use of chemicals. The parents often develop a healthy support network with other parents and many are able to re-create these networks of support in their own communities.

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